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In Swedish, the meaning of värn is "shield, defense" – hence Varna could mean "defended, fortified place". Varuna), or from Proto-Slavic root varn "black", or from Iranian bar or var "camp, fortress" (see also Etymological list of provinces of Bulgaria).According to Theophanes, in 680 Asparukh, the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire, routed an army of Constantine IV near the Danube delta and, pursuing it, reached the so-called Varna near Odyssos [sic] and the midlands thereof (τὴν λεγομένην Βάρναν, πλησίον Ὀδυσσοῦ).Probably after the downfall of his kingdom, Celts blended with the greatly numbered Thracians in the country. BC in present Dobrudja land between Dyonissopolis (Balchik) and Odessos were created many small Scythian states.Their “kings” minted their coins in mints located in cities on the west Black Sea coast, including Odessos.Conservatism is easily noticed in ceramic items and in religion.The highest deity of all was the Thracian horseman, who had different names and functions in different places.Characteristic for their culture weapons and bronze objects are found all over the region.Scythian horse ornaments are produced in a stylish style, called “animal style”, which is very close to the Thracian style, a possible explanation for the frequent mixture of both folks in north-eastern Thrace.

Varna Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Varna.

Perhaps the new name applied initially to an adjacent river or lake, a Roman military camp, or an inland area, and only later to the city itself.

By the late 10th century, the name Varna was established so firmly that when Byzantines wrestled back control of the area from the Bulgarians around 975, they kept it rather than restoring the ancient name Odessos.

Thracians engaged in farming, wood processing, hunting and fishing.

Among their art crafts is metal processing – especially weapons, excelling processing of bronze, making of bracelets, rings, Thracian type of fibulas, horse ornaments, arrowheads.

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All over North-East Bulgaria and even near Odessos were found a significant number of bronze items with Celtic ornaments and typical weapons, all quickly adopted by Thracians.

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