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Astronomers focusing on a star at the center of the Milky Way say they have measured precisely for the first time how long it takes the sun to circle its home galaxy: 226 million years.

The last time the sun was at this exact spot of its galactic orbit, dinosaurs ruled the world.

This is not a question that we are going to answer any time soon as some of the greatest minds in philosophy, physics, and psychology have grappled with it.

We experience time as one of the fundamental things in our lives, but it is so basic to our experience that it is difficult to define it in physical terms.

The Sun's orbital period is determined by the galaxy's mass within the orbit of the Sun.

Newton's explanation of the speed of stars in the Milky Way is as follows.

All of the matter - gas, dust, and stars - rotate around a central axis perpendicular to the galactic plane.

The centrifugal force caused by the rotation balances out the gravitational force, which draw all the matter toward the center.

The rotation of the earth on its axis is another motion we use to measure time.Therefore, the stars closer to the center experience a gravitational pull towards the center and they move at greater speeds, since there is more force acting upon them.Conversely, more distant stars have less force acting upon them and in turn, they travel at lower speeds.A report on the finding was presented Tuesday at a national meeting of the American Astronomical Society."Our new figure of 226 million miles is accurate to within 6 percent," Mark Reid, a Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer and leader of the team that made the measurements, said in a statement. Working together as a single unit, the antennae can measure motions in the distant universe with unprecedented accuracy.

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One definition of time is the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past. How about, the time as given by a clock; "do you know what time it is?

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