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When you start a conversation with H&M’s bot on Kik, for example, it kicks things off by trying to get a sense of your personal style.

It shows you three pairs of outfits, asking you to decide in each set which look you like better.

In retail industry jargon, this is coming to be known as “conversational commerce,” and brands are betting on it because of some distinct advantages it could provide in connecting with shoppers.

As Kik spokesman Rod Mc Leod points out, when shoppers engage with a bot, they are almost by definition in a different frame of mind than someone who simply sees a retailer’s display ad on a website. So that’s kind of an interest indicator from the get-go,” Mc Leod said.

Taco Bell showed off its Taco Bot, a way to use the messaging app Slack to place a meal order.

And on Tuesday, Facebook announced that it has created a platform that allows companies to develop bots that run within its Messenger app, which has some 900 million users worldwide.

The bot’s chatter is peppered with emoji and slang like “outfit inspo” and “Perf!

There have been stories of people who have carried on conversations with chatbots for days on end, only to slowly realize they are not talking with a real person. Chatbots, which are text-based robots that use artificial intelligence or specific programming rules to operate, are proliferating through dating, social media and messaging sites.But evangelists of the technology say that bots are poised to be at the center of a crucial paradigm shift in how we think about using the Internet.While a Web browser might once have been our front door to the Internet and apps often play that role today, experts say that bots could soon become our primary digital gateway.At a conference last month, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said, “Bots are the new apps.” The case for a bot-centric future goes like this: Smartphone users have proved they are only willing to download and spend time in a limited number of apps.So companies might be better off trying to connect with consumers in the apps where they are already spending plenty of time.

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There’s a good chance you have interacted with a bot if you have enlisted the help of online chat when seeking the answer to a technical question about a product or service.