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Start comparing yourself to your significant other you're on the fast track to professional jealousy.

Having a mutual respect for each other's successes is the secret to a happy relationship. Watching your significant other have a passionate relationship with another person on stage for 2 and half hours.

The man who helped build the Hearst Tower, Jerry Speyer of Tishman/Speyer, and the performance artist Anna Deavere Smith, who were discussing a mutual charity . She laughed, “I’d be very tired if I should suddenly not be described that way.” And what were they competing with?

Nevertheless, I crowded into the bar area with Vogue’s hotshot reporter Julia Reed, artist Peter Rogers, Web creationist Joni Evans and financier Bob Perkins (a hot new twosome) and media’s Joe Armstrong.

Barbara Walters and someone the management described as “Lady Patterson” (well, wow, it’s our friend, Dr.

Well, they didn’t know it but Peggy Siegal was putting on a lunch in the pool room for those sex bombs Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem, plus the prexy of Miramax Daniel Battsek, Ethan and Joel Coen in a rare personal appearance.

Having another person who truly understands the uphill climb is a gift from God. Of course, dating someone in the same profession can be poisonous. Trust and communication are more important than you think.

I can talk to him for hours about my interpretation, why I didn't like the soundtrack, why I loved the actor's performance.

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This was a couple that was well-known within the industry. My personal favorite: Chris Kattan (whom I saw in early previews) being fired from THE FROGS and the headline that followed the next day in the Post.

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  1. First and foremost, speed dating eliminates pressure – pressure of giving out your phone number even when you don’t want to, pressure of avoiding awkward pauses in conversation, pressure of telling your life story to a stranger you just met.