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Lazy Loading can make handling relationships easier for the software, although in my second article I will show you a method that specifically selects each data column it needs and therefore does not need Lazy Loading Now you could hand-edit each generated class so as to remove the ‘virtual’, but what happens if, or rather when, the database changes?

The problem is that you would then have to re-import the database and so lose all your edits, which you or your colleague might have forgotten about by then, and suddenly your whole web application slows down.

The problem can be that some predefined databases can have aspects that are awkward to deal with from the software side.

As a software developer, my choice of database access tool is Microsoft’s Entity Framework (EF) so I am motivated to see how EF can handle this.

Note: There are two other methods to reverse engineer an existing database: Entity Framework Reverse POCO Code First Generator by Simon Hughes.

This is Visual Studio extension recommended by the EF Guru, Julia Lerman, in one of her MSDN magazine articles.

For that reason I do not use Lazy Loading so I want to turn it off.

In this case the answer is to change the code that is generated during the creation of the classes and is done using some t4 templates, referred to as scaffolding.If you have Entity Framework Power Tools installed then you need to disable it and restart Visual Studio before you can import/reverse engineer a database.I hope that gets fixed as Entity Framework Power Tools is very useful.One warning about using importing scaffolding – Visual Studio threw a nasty error message when I first tried to import using the scaffolding (see stackoverflow entry).It took a bit of finding but it turns out if you have Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4 installed then they clash.

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I’ll actually use the Adventure Works LT2012 database, which is a cut-down version of the larger Adventure Works OLTP database. NET MVC5 (MVC) with the propriety Kendo UI package for the UI/presentation layer, which I cover in the next article.

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