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A lovely gemstone name with an equally beautiful nickname option, Gemma means ‘gem’.Hiva, a Polynesian name, meaning ‘a song to sing’, will appeal to musical parents.An excellent way to pay homage to your native Ireland.

We feel, Beatriz, meaning ‘bringer of happiness’, would also make a lovely secular name for your daughter.

At this point, I feel like I still have much to learn, but that the biggest questions I had have already been answered, and that it's only the minor details I have to figure out now. I just plan on continuing my self-education and reading more books.

The posts on this blog I am leaving up as an archive of some of my favorite posts (like this one) and to ensure my extensive book reviews and some notable responses to critics remain available.

It means ‘bright strength’.[ Read: Hawaiian Baby Names With Meanings ]If Lily isn’t your cup of tea, pick Calla, which literally means ‘beautiful’Capri is an Italian name, meaning ‘fanciful or unpredictable’.

The only catch is that it could be associated with women’s garment.

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Traveling many places has been really beneficial in my life. Going with someone great makes the experience 1000 times better.

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