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A lot of men are going through the same thing right now. There are so many places to get a decent girlfriend, such as: the supermarket, library, Gym, sporting events, Church, weddings, eateries etc.

Don’t call her 20 times a day because you just want to hear her voice.Don’t be discouraged because you got a no from a girl you like to date.Press harder and try your luck again and you will be shocked that she will accept you. Be committed No sane lady in her right mind will decide to go out with a man who is not ready to commit. Don’t be desperate This is another sign that can chase away girls from you.Love him or hate him, George Clooney is the ultimate man’s man. He takes his craft seriously, he doesn’t get involved in scandals like the younger celebrity set.He attends gala events with lovely ladies and entertains regularly.

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Do you feel awkward when you are in the presence of a girl?