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Bob schneider dating sandra bullock

The cool thing about making music and art - you don't need a lot of tools to create something. It's a very exciting process where one minute there's nothing there and the next minute there's something there. There was a grand theft incident, grand theft auto, that luckily the police didn't find out about. I'm really looking forward to coming up to that festival. The thing that I remember about it was that he is like the nicest guy you will ever meet in your life. We got there at like 10 o'clock in the morning for soundcheck and he was already there. He gets there really early and stays there all day. I think it's so f*cking lame I can't even f*cking begin to tell you. That's the way I feel, but I feel that way about drugs.

I played an outdoor show in Mesa, Ariz., and you could not smoke.

He once dated Sandra Bullock (prior to her disastrous run-in with Jesse James).

That relationship loosely coincided with the official launch of his solo career.

I'm just playing a couple gigs in Houston tonight and tomorrow. I play every Monday night at the Saxon Pub when I'm at home. He wants that ("I'm good now.") inscribed on there. Actually I did write one song one time called "Orlando" that was autobiographical, but everything else is just made up. I think I was going for a Mike Patton from Faith No More look.

But I play sometimes up to four or five times a week when I'm at home. I have a residence gig that I've been doing for about five years. But the title track, the narrator in that song is saying that that's what he wants written on his tombstone. I don't know what it is, something about the Bottleneck.

“The thing that works best for me is to keep things really eclectic,” he says.

There are similarities between Schneider and Johnson.

The two share a rubbery, granular vocal delivery, rugged good looks, an ear for melodies that stick (for better or worse) and an acclivity for absurd song titles (Schneider: “Jingy,” “Capn Kirk,” “Penelope Cruz”; Johnson: “Bubble Toes,” “Banana Pancakes,” “Washing Dishes”). Schneider has a nine-year-old son from his first marriage, and he’s newly engaged.

We gave him no instructions or limitations, so when he returned with this illustration that seems equal parts Waking Life and Guy Juke, we were stoked. Mondays at the Saxon Pub, Matt the Electrician plugs into the second-best gig in town.

His clever songs entertain the gathering crowd, and each receives more applause than the previous as the room fills.

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Almost a decade and a half later, Johnson remains a top seller on the Universal roster. “He got a hit and went on a trajectory that’s crazy, selling millions of records and playing stadiums—and I didn’t,” says Schneider from the back of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that’s home when he’s on the road. I can do anything I want, and I make enough money to live comfortably.

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