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Brett zeitz dating

" The most anticipated event on Wall Street this year is also Silicon Valley’s biggest story: the Facebook IPO.

We’ll look at the convergence of (and the tensions between) big money and big tech, and the potential for technological innovation to disrupt banks and financial institutions.

From creating shared value to maximizing return on investment, leading women in finance across the region share frontline insights on key issues and challenges facing their global business and their bottom line. Populist and protectionist forces across the globe. Where will the trends and forces of globalization lead?

June Cheryl “Chaye” Cabal-Revilla, CFO, Smart Communications and Group Controller, PLDT Inc. To be successful, business leaders need to step outside their usual roles and plan for today’s “geopolitics of change.” This conversation will provide critical insights into what’s happening in the U.

At the same time, globalization—long taken for granted—is being challenged by a backlash against trade and immigration in many parts of the world.

These forces are colliding to produce complex challenges for today’s global business leaders.

Learn how to make sure your company is best positioned to prosper in the coming years.These sessions will tackle how green tech can transform your business." With 10 billion people expected on earth by 2050, will there be enough food, water, land, and minerals to go around?How will they fend off potential competition from consumer-oriented companies eyeing their customers?" THE FORTUNE GLOBAL FORUM will focus on the key issues facing multinational companies at a crucial time of change in China and the global economy.

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Lives on every continent will be improved…and disrupted.

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