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We know that Red can deliver such solution, because that's our fight and our mission since the first release of Rebol 20 years ago.Still, people who work with me know how skeptical I am.It is a missing piece that we need in order to rebalance the modern Internet landscape, and bring back the decentralization that was once promised in the early Internet days.Though, the impact of such disruptive change goes way beyond just Internet infrastructure (for example, IPFS or Storj), it has the potential to reshape many industries (see the Brave browser and its Basic Attention Token, bringing a saner alternative to online advertisement) and human activities, including in our daily lives.So it took me several months of studying and discussions to figure out where and how Red could help in that domain. We do know that much better development tools are needed, and the current offer is poor and disappointing to say the least.

Those pioneers have inefficiencies, like scalability and power consumption issues, though, after following and studying the evolution of blockchains during a year, I am now confident enough that those issues will be solved in a not-too-distant future by the next wave of blockchains (or upgraded versions of existing ones).We are at the design stage, the first alpha (prototype) is planned for end of Q1 2018.Our current design involves a combination of two small languages: Smart contracts are used to power what is called Decentralized Apps (Dapps)-- Basically a user-facing application operating on blockchains through smart contracts.For example, zero-knowledge proof and especially the non-interactive variant are really impressive and promising approaches.As Red aims to be a fullstack programming solution, we naturally look at what are the potential next big platforms we should support.

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It takes several hours, up to a full day to just figure out and set up a development environment the first time, even for a senior developer.

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