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Those who did not die from the concoction were subjected to prolonged torture with knives, severe beatings, cigarette burns, and electric shock.The order to carry out these atrocious witch hunts was given by the country’s ruler.By tradition, such an infant is taken to a tree where his brains are bashed against the bark of the trunk.More compassionate parents abandon the infant in a bush and leave him for dead.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamic clerics believe that witches do indeed ride brooms and are aided in their flights by the supernatural jinn.He insisted on being called “His Excellency President Professor Dr.Al-Haji Yahya Jammeh.” The elderly made up the majority of those accused, and it’s uncertain how many were murdered due to such insane beliefs.“A child whose birth and early development deviates in any way from the accepted norm is cursed and must be destroyed,” say the Baatonou, Boko, and Peul people.Ill-born babies have their feet tied before being lassoed around a tree in an attempt to exorcise the evil which they have brought into the world.

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