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Manufacturing now accounts for 55% of the city's gross domestic product, and services are growing as well, most of this caused by the growing jobs in the city.Nogales is known for its recent enormous population growth which covers the hills along the central narrow north-south valley.The only other localities with over 1,000 inhabitants are La Mesa (2,996) .Nogales is served by Nogales International Airport.There was only one casualty, a woman who was scared by a bomb explosion and had a heart attack.That same month, a hooded man appeared at night driving a tank on Morley Street on the U. side, then entered Mexico to help the federales in Naco. S., and it had been kept in a warehouse in Nogales, Arizona., the census reported that the City of Nogales had a population of 159,103 people, representing approximately 50% growth from 1990.This is a tribute to Mexican President Benito Juárez, and the other is the "Monument to Ignorance", where a naked man who represents the Mexican people is fighting with a winged creature that represents ignorance. In aviation, the city is served by the Aeropuerto internacional de Nogales, which, as of 2015 had no commercial airline service. The downtown area consists of bars, strip clubs, hotels, restaurants, and a large number of curio stores, which sell a large variety of artesanias (handicrafts, leather art, handmade flowers, clothes) brought from the deeper central and southern states of Mexico.The primary commercial artery is Mexico Federal Highway 15, which links the state with the U. Due to its location, Nogales is one of the most important ports of entry for U. Local dishes commonly available in restaurants include many types of antojitos (Mexican food) such as enchiladas, tacos, burritos with carne machaca (dried meat), menudo and tamales. and the abundance of inexpensive labor make it an efficient location for foreign companies to have manufacturing and assembly operations.

Produce is one of Mexico's largest exports to the United States and the Mariposa Port of entry, at Nogales, is the most widely used route for produce destined for the U. It is estimated that over 80 percent of Americas produce passes through Nogales each year.

At the center of Nogales, there is the Plaza de Benito Juárez.

Here there is a statue with two leading figures designed by Spanish sculptor Alfredo Just.

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General Manuel Aguirre, commanding the rebellious 64th Regiment, took power without firing a shot, causing federales from Naco to send a daily airplane to attack the rebels.