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The only child may fare better with a partner who is used to catering to the wishes of others, since he or she is used to being demanding with positive results.Delia*, a social worker (and youngest child) in her early twenties, had a difficult coupling with an only child.With the constant influx of relationship advice out there, could something as simple as our roles within families make or break a harmonious union?Singled Out: The Only Child People who grew up without siblings were the sole recipients of their parents’ attention, which may explain their tendencies to be self-focused and highly motivated to the point of being perfectionists.“I notice that I would strive to avoid conflict or to negotiate it rationally, whereas [my boyfriend], an only child …is more reactive, with less of an instinct to put his feelings on the backburner.” This is a common theme in relationships with middle children, and possibly why middle children and youngest or only children work well together.

On the other hand, I think he’s learned to ask for more help.” She feels that they balance each other out this way.They are calm, rational, and avoid making waves or creating problems as much as possible.However, because they’ve had to compete for attention with the youngest and oldest, they might also be competitive with others and feel a need to rebel as a way to stand out.They can also be rebellious or competitive as a result of being compared to their older siblings for most of their lives.Because they’re the youngest, they tend to be spoiled, or at least expect to be spoiled, and can mature less quickly than others.

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Susan was once a youngest child, but became a middle child when her dad remarried.