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Another scene sees the children show their rebellious sides when a sweet machine is left in the classroom with strict instructions not to touch.

It was an instant hit, making bona fide stars of his young contributors as their efforts to make friends and resist forbidden chocolate cake (no, they didn't manage it) were documented.

That's the premise of a new Channel 4 documentary, of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds, that's a kind of Big Brother for little people, bringing together a group of children from very different backgrounds, and placing them in a room full of hidden cameras.

After a stellar first episode, which saw children arguing, fighting and rebelling against the adults, The Secret Life of Four Year Olds will return to screens tonight with more hilarious - and tear-jerking - antics.

The ability to text or to tweet or to just write on someone’s wall enables you to flirt and tease without there ever being a “what-exactly-is-this-relationship” moment.

And so, in that regard, when you have not established what the relationship is, I think it can be hurtful to constantly be involved in the technological realm, rather than the face-to-face realm.

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