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Datingly com

We overstepped boundaries we set for ourselves at times, and quickly and joyfully remembered grace, mercy, forgiveness and liberty.We almost wanted to give "us" every reason not to work - and see how we did ;) And truthfully, we really were just so good together.The next few hours were some of the most exhilarating and beautiful of my entire life.

For me, however, I was WOW-ED with Caleb's trustworthiness when we were in private, alone, dark, unwatched places.

When we say any of the following sentences, there are important things we DO mean, and other important things we DO NOT mean.

We would 'believe in' public, private and home-schooling for our children.

It would be based off of fear and not because of the Holy Spirit working in our hearts.

Because we heard things literally across the board: 'you're WAY too physical' to 'you're so strict and rigid.' "You're like the whore of Babylon!

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He has made everything beautiful in it's time." We wanted to enjoy the timing, and the "thing" in it's time.