Foot cams

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Foot cams

Apply a nail oil containing a mild antiseptic with anti-fungal properties at least twice a week to protect against infection.

The Q2 First Interstate Bank I-Cam 1 is located on top of Montana's tallest building, the First Interstate Tower in downtown Billings.

The Q2 I-Cams are provided as a service of First Interstate Banks, investing in our community, every day.

Inspired by the spider cams suspended over sports stadiums, a new tool is helping researchers measure and monitor the health of field crops.

A podiatrist can reconstruct the nail using a resin that bonds to the existing nail. If your feet hurt, or there seems to be something wrong with them, go to a podiatrist – a doctor who specialises in feet and can help with pain and deformities like bunions.

And any good clinic should offer treatments and products that focus on both the function and health of the foot, alongside aesthetics.

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