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“ When a guy asks for a date, there would be no date word mentioned.

They just say “Let’s hang.” Beware, woman, there is a various way that guy would ask for a date and that can be a fascinating hangout.

Let’s talk about Adrian Lee of ‘The Secret Life of American Teenager’ who claims to have awkward dating experiences.

The geometric shaped heels on Selena's shoes certainly caught everyone's attention, and added interest to the otherwise simple look.

Bieber is no doubt relishing Gomez's single status as he has for two years been trying to get back together with Selena.

He also has made fun of Weeknd, putting down his music in videos shared by TMZ.

She also mentioned what made her tight-lipped rather talk about her personal life.

She divulged, So far, she made us apprised of the dating scene how it can be awkward, isn't it?

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