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Germa videochat tube

She stands at the window in a floor-length dress, with a blue headscarf, and looks out at the Mediterranean. Children play soccer in the dusty street outside the house. In the interim, Tabarak has lost almost everything of importance to her.Sometimes her husband sends her photos of himself in Hamburg, of the refugee hostel or the city's pedestrian zone. Minija, a town near the city of Tripoli, is not a safe place."The facility and the doctors, it was all terrible," says Tabarak.Fatmeh remained in the hospital ward with her burns for 10 days, says Tabarak.She is referring to the loss of her child, her home and her father, the fear of never seeing her husband again, and her lack of prospects. Tabarak's father was an engineer in Homs, and they had their own home, a car and nice neighbors."There must be someone who can help her," says the 43-year-old. Tabarak was one of the best students in her school, and it was important to Taghrid that her daughter graduate.There is no furniture, and their belongings are stowed in wall niches behind pieces of green material.The family can only use one of the rooms in the winter, because the ceiling in the other one leaks.

The last photo on her mobile phone shows Fatmeh lying in a hospital bed with tubes connected to her face. Tabarak was boiling eggs when the pot slipped off the gas stove.About 230,000 people have been placed into this secondary category since 2016.Thousands of women, together with their children, are now stuck in camps on the Greek island of Lesbos or the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, even women with a legal right to follow their husbands to Germany."It was my wish that she would have a good future," she says.The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recently wanted to include Taghrid and Tabarak's siblings in a program that brings refugees especially in need of protection to Europe, Australia or the United States. But Taghrid turned down the offer, even before she could be told where their new home would be.

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Fatmeh, who had been playing next to her mother, fell into the puddle of scalding water.

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