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Hong kong sex talk

In time Hong Kong built its glowing skyscrapers—some by world-class architects like I. Pei and Norman Foster—as well as its more problematic housing estates, while behind its modern facade, social ills like prostitution, drug dealing, smuggling, and gambling continued to proliferate.Chungking Mansions is a measure of how much has changed.

Yet to idealize the city today as a free market paradise, thriving in its 15th year after the British handover to China, is to sorely oversimplify, if not misconstrue, the darkening forces at work here.Under British rule shanties gave way to granite buildings, a colonial infrastructure grew, and a city began to take shape on the shores of a booming harbor, one that acted as a transit point for trade with China.It was the reaction to China’s communist revolution of 1949, however, that transformed Hong Kong into a center of industrialized capitalism.At the edge of the South China Sea, the metropolis of Hong Kong flickers and glows, its iconic skyscrapers like molten columns, the bay reflecting all the cool blues and fuchsias of the city’s desire.With little available flatland and the most skyscrapers in the world, Hong Kong is so dense with buildings, up to a hundred stories high, that they rise from the mountainsides as if full of helium.

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When the elevator door draws open, one tribe of men glides out, while this tribe shuffles in—and up they go.

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