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Kimberly elise dating

On her Instagram page, Kimberly posted a beautiful photo of herself, alongside her man/relationship coach, Kevin Johnson.

The Barbados native mourned his death, by sharing several photos of him on ?

Take note of what you are thinking, what you enjoy, and what you dislike.

Go beyond the physical: the way he treats you, the way she treats the waiter, etc.

is the result of his dating journey of 100 dates in 100 days. Five Kimberly winners will receive a 30-minute Relationship Coaching Session with Coach KJ! Rather than spending your energy finding the perfect restaurant or the perfect pair of shoes, give yourself the emotional space to meet the individual authentically. Coach KJ calls these15-20 minute dates “micro-dates”.

Subscribe to Kimberly below to win 1 Relationship Coaching Session. Set the stage for authenticity by keeping it simple.

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Just getting a date with Kimberly Elise is very tough, even for famous movie stars!