Mary ann akers patrick kennedy dating

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Mary ann akers patrick kennedy dating

Roy Tatum As FBI Agent #3; Wallace Wilkinson as FBI Agent #1; Bob Cleveland As FBI Agent #2.

Note: While Bo and Luke are discussing their plan in Atlanta, the sign of the first Mellow Mushroom, a popular pizza chain, can be seen behind Bo.

Note This was the last episode that was filmed on location in Georgia.

After that all other episodes were filmed in California.

Now she wants to make one last run--and she wants the Dukes to help.An Atlanta music-publishing outfit bilks Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) of fifty dollars, a corruption of Boss Hogg's (Sorrell Booke). Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place.They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr, into believing she can fake a number of real-life artists.So they make a deal with used car dealer Ace Parker, who's more crooked as a switchback trail and has a scheme that could land the boys behind bars.Guest starring: Larry Bishop as Joey Sagalo; Judith Baldwin as Joey's Moll; Peggy Rea in her first appearance as Lulu Coltrane-Hogg; Rod Amateau as Manny; Claude Humphrey as Big John; Jerry Rushing as Ace Parker.

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