Mentally disabled dating people of color dating sites

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Mentally disabled dating

Others stated that if they wanted a quick exit during an awkward date, they would casually mention they had a mental illness. Some lived in supported housing, such as group homes with strict guest regulations.

This is an environment for people with disabilities to meet & mingle in a warm environment. I am a dating coach & matchmaker and look forward to facilitating people with disabilities.

But people with mental illness often report considerable discrimination in the dating market.

This is another silent stigma that must be addressed. The relationship with a person with depression is hard to keep motivated, and happy.

Even then, they can challenge even the hardiest of mental capabilities and stump the healthiest of people.

And bringing children into the mix adds even more stress and complexity - even for the healthiest of populations. I have bipolar 1, and I honestly think I'm better off alone.

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Dating and love sound great in theory, but with people having so many options available these days at the touch of an app, I don't think I stand much of a chance of finding someone emotionally mature enough to handle my illness.