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Most popular sex chatting page netherlands

The drugs that doctors use to treat the new disease are called statins–sold under a variety of names including Lipitor (atorvastatin), Zocor (simvastatin), Mevacor (lovastatin) and Pravachol (pravastatin).The diagram below illustrates the pathways involved in cholesterol production.The penance is a lifetime of cholesterol-lowering medications along with a boring lowfat diet. Since we all labor under the stigma of original sin, we are all candidates for treatment.Current dogma stipulates cholesterol testing and treatment for young adults and even children.Cholesterol may also protect us against cancer as low cholesterol levels are associated with increased rates of cancer.

Those who suffer from low cholesterol often have trouble digesting fats.He sold his Ferrari 355 Spyder to purchase a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG (which he loves).Also, purchased one of only twenty eight 2005 Ford GTs imported to England (with which he has had an innumerable amount of problems, but still loves).But such doctors do not work in a vacuum–their efforts to convert healthy people into patients are bolstered by the full weight of the US government, the media and the medical establishment, agencies that have worked in concert to disseminate the cholesterol dogma and convince the population that high cholesterol is the forerunner of heart disease and possibly other diseases as well. Peruse the medical literature of 25 or 30 years ago and you’ll get the following answer: any middle-aged man whose cholesterol is over 240 with other risk factors, such as smoking or overweight.After the Cholesterol Consensus Conference in 1984, the parameters changed; anyone (male or female) with cholesterol over 200 could receive the dreaded diagnosis and a prescription for pills. If you have suffered from a heart attack, you get to take cholesterol-lowering medicines even if your cholesterol is already very low–after all, you have committed the sin of having a heart attack so your cholesterol must therefore be too high.

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Cholesterol is the body’s repair substance: scar tissue contains high levels of cholesterol, including scar tissue in the arteries.

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