Not updating since new heads added

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Not updating since new heads added

After playing with it, I thought I would let everyone know my thoughts (both good and bad). If anyone has any specific questions, I will answer them if I can.They have to close your current account, and migrate your modem to the new account type being pioneered with Bluesky.You can get around that by adding only the channels you get to Favourites, then having the guide only display Favourites, however. I did have connection issues about 20% of the time, but hopefully that will fix itself.You can search for shows, set PVR recordings, change channels, all by voice. EDIT: I haven't had any connection issues since I rebooted the box the other day.

Cheers; Cory EDIT 1: I have been playing with the voice system some more. Example 1: TV: I said "Blackhawks game", and it changed the channel to the Hawks game on Sportsnet. I said "Inconceivable" and it brought up Princess Bride on Vo D.If not, they should swap you to a Hitron without issue.Switching over to the new account type means that if you have any legacy hardware (older PVR, or Gateway system), they WILL NOT WORK ANY MORE. They also had to replace my phone modem with an updated one for the install (no charge).If not, they will have one heck of a time getting the Cisco to provision afterwards (the tech spent over and hour JUST trying to get my internet back after the Bluesky install).He mentioned that it has been a headache doing Bluesky installs if you have a Cisco, but as long as the back end person doing the activation knows what you have BEFOREHAND, it should be painless.

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