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MARUDAS: Matchmaking teacher Lisa Clampett jots down some nuts and bolts questions a matchmaker should ask the client. In the one you’re about to hear Ann Robbins plays the matchmaker and tells the client, another student named Liane Moreau, why the guy she recently went out with won’t be calling. ROBBINS: So, maybe if you had had the time to go home after work, freshen up… ROBBINS: He said it would have been a more enjoyable experience if you smelled cleaner and fresher. Oftentimes men read that I don't drink and assume I'm not very fun or wouldn't fit into his lifestyle.It sets the stage for mismatched expectations and a lot of false starts. Let’s talk about some thing that maybe could change for the future. In an era of online dating, matchmakers might seem old-fashioned but the dollar signs behind them are not. ROBBINS: ‘Cause the first time I met you, you looked great, you smelled great, you had a fresh look about you. MARUDAS: And perhaps that’s Cupid’s biggest secret: matchmakers just don’t help people find relationships, they also give dating advice, like how to zap bad breath before a good night kiss.

The matchmaker spoke about how we all think that we have a certain type—like how I love tall, skinny, light complexion men who carry tote bags and drive Miatas—and how finding the right match is more about facial structure, rather than skin color, hair color, eye color, stature.

Each New Year I have one or two resolutions for my dating life.

I have taken dating classes, quit drinking, and made a point to adopt a healthier, more positive attitude about single life.

I found it all fascinating and when the podcast episode finished, the three of us looked at each other and the two of them said, “You have to do this.” So there in the car, I signed up for my first matchmaking service.

I don’t know if I believe the right man for me comes down to his jawline, but I do believe we pigeonhole ourselves to certain ideals, so much so that we don’t see the potential partner because we are so fixated on this image that we have in our heads.

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Or if it was more of fundamental thing that didn’t match, that could help them in matching me with someone else.

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