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The next time she traveled the 300 miles to visit her mother in Seattle, she had better luck on the social front. After she met Howard in Seattle, but before she invited him to come and visit her, she contacted her local rabbi to quiz him on the Jewish community in Cockerham's hometown of Bellingham, Washington.Her correspondent, Howard Cockerham, followed through with his plans to meet her and showed up in the same attire as in his photos. He contacted the Bellingham synagogue, and it was not until she received a favorable report that she decided to go ahead with the visit.Self-described nice Jewish boys Michael Mandelberg and his brother, Josh, both found their future wives on JDate within months of each other, shortly after they had finished school and returned to their native Los Angeles.Michael, a 25-year-old who works in marketing, said he first learned about the site from his older brother when he was in medical school in San Francisco, where he was not meeting a lot of nice Jewish girls.

She found both the suggestion of intellect and the strong Jewish identity appealing.

You might think the more time you spend talking to someone online, the more you could trust them, but we found no relation.

Offline, there is a check on that." Merri, a New York City journalist who found her husband on her second Internet date, sees it differently. "He was a total loser, weirdo, creepy guy," she says.

"Here is the problem with the Internet that I found," says Carducci.

"When we asked people how true they were in describing themselves, there was really no relationship between the amount of time they had spent interacting and how honest they were.

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