Pierra makena dating

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Pierra makena dating

We had a privilege to interview Miss Pierra, and Besides knowing the obvious about her, we went ahead to ask her random questions about her personal life and she gave us all the juicy details. Question: What is one thing that people do not know about you? Most people think that they can make and then break me. I would not say that I really have a celebrity crush, it is more of an attraction. They think they can push me around because I am kind and generous. No one pushes me around because to me the only relationship that really matters is mine with God. I think the first time I was called for a gig in New York. I somehow wanted to be lost however so that I can have a funny story to tell guys. I just woke up and left without telling anyone and went to New york, knowing no one or where exactly I was going. And here she walks in, her little flirty dress displaying her adorable bootylicious frame.

Pierra Makena shocked many of her fans by releasing her first single, ‘wape’ which was a rendition of the old Swahili taarab Wape Wape (click here for the full story). Whenever I see something on the street Question: If you were to slap someone today who would it be and why? She is now arguably the most recognized female DJ in Kenya. Yesterday via social media terrain, Pierra decided to finally share a photo of her current ‘bae’ – social media bigwig Xtian Dela. #God Got Me #loved #bae & #baby #Warmest Couple #good night from the 3 of us………?????????????????? ,” Miss Makena captioned the neatly created collage of them together. But we do know it’s fools day and she is clearly playing us again. This look is part of the X-factor that have counted in propelling her name into the now famous continentally reputed DJ barely three years since she quit her lucrative day job as well as acting and radio to join the art. You know, this has been going on for some time now. Break the good news," we lead on, then a prolonged laughter follows.As she settles for the interview, she orders for a bottle of water and some lamb chops. We have funny cravings," she jokes, lending a suspicious smile, the kind that gets you a lead to a bigger story. This meeting just can't be about the upcoming album!

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