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She believes the town now attracts paedophiles from across Western Europe.

She has been told of "customers" from Holland, Austria and Switzerland, as well as Germany.

He said that the problem of child prostitution had been "overplayed".

He said that it was a difficult issue to tackle because "girls of 13, 14 they're pretty much grown up..the question is, what age are you talking about?

We have put together for your information a comprehensive guide to the Prague gay scene.

This includes reviews of all the bars, clubs, saunas and other gay establishments in the city as well as details of Prague gay life in general.

The man said he could provide two girls of 9 and 11 for €180 Euros (about £120),and suggested the two men accompany him to an apartment.

This guide to the gay scene features most of the gay discos and bars in Prague.

We have also included a number of strip joints which are clearly described.

The town of Cheb in the Czech Republic is well known as a beautiful place, its old town square full of pastel-washed houses dating back to the eleventh century.

But in recent years, it's gained a different reputation - as a centre for child prostitution.

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She says in the past, there would be clear signals in houses where children were being offered -- a child's shoe in the window of an apartment for example.

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