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Restrict routers to hosts where port 80/443 is available and not being consumed by another service, and set this using node selectors and the scheduler configuration.As an example, you can achieve this by dedicating infrastructure nodes to run services such as routers.Just about every form of communication between Open Shift Enterprise components is secured by TLS and uses various certificates and authentication methods.

The TLS certificate is served by the router front end.Each router or shard in the group handles routes based on the selectors in the router.An administrator can create shards over the whole cluster using These labels express the concepts: service level agreement, geographical location, hardware requirements, and department.HAProxy prompts for a password upon starting and does not have a way to automate this process.To remove a passphrase from a keyfile, you can run: Here is an example of how to use a secure edge terminated route with TLS termination occurring on the router before traffic is proxied to the destination.

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The user can set up their DNS with a CNAME that points to this host name.

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