Sap db02 not updating

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Sap db02 not updating

Linh was born in democratic Vietnam, escaped from the communist after the war as a boat-people refugee to Malaysia, subsequently immigrated to Australia where he attended high-school and completed dual-degrees in Computer Science & Computer Engineering in just 5 years.He started SAP career in Melbourne, then came to the US in the mid-1990s as a SAP technical consultant. Tablespace PSAPIDS_REORG has been created successfully. Click on PSAP[SID] tablespace and then, click Freespace Analysis. To check tablespace current size, just click Current Size button.Below is an FAQ list of ‘technical data and configuration’ that may be exported/imported using SID-Refresh.Note that selected options are saved on initial use, and can be reused on subsequent execution of the refresh.

The SCN document also includes a reference to an introduction into the SUM tool. 2171334 SAP CRM 7.0 EHP4 – Release Information Note…………

I am glad that a lot of Basis visiting my blog, asking me about Basis activity, tips, etc. There are many menus on SPACE Management including Extend tablespace, Create tablespace, etc. To get information about tablespace list, you can use DB02 on your SAPGUI screen. If you want to add more datafile, you can specified now by typing y. You can do this online while your SAP R/3 system and Oracle DB running. Usually commercial databases such Oracle, DB2, Informix is used as its database server. SAP tcode DB02 is use to check database size, tablespaces size, current statistic, checking freespace statistic, analyze detailed tablespace, checking missing indexes, and space critical objects. SAP R/3 installation created 6 tablespaces by default.

NB : You don’t need to shutdown your SAP R/3 system or Oracle DB to extend tablespace.

It is offered as a subscription service included FREE in our monitoring, or for separate purchase.

If interested, please Submit an Inquiry or visit the SID-Refresh Solution Page for further details on cost, and user guide.

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Now, you can extend your tablespace easily and have a nice day.

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