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A police spokesman told NOS that there has been a sharp increase in violent acts committed by disturbed individuals.Last week police chief Erik Akerboom called for better help for people who need psychiatric help.In particular, the team wants to know why the Malaysia Airways plane was shot down rather than one from the 'enemy' Ukraine airforce.'It is really important for us to know this,' he said."These prisoners can do everything by themselves, without supervision."The risk is that they continue with their criminal businesses because they can chat with each other for long periods and without interruption.The country's overall population hit 17 million in March last year, according to Statistics Netherlands.

“There is too little supervision," Rob Minkes, the chairman of the prison department’s work council, told the newspaper.

The records were previously broken on March 30 and 31, May 17 and 27 and October 16.

On New Year's Day, when thousands of people take a traditional dip in the sea, the temperature is likely to be around 9 degrees and there may also be some sun, Weeronline said.

'Why was the BUK used to bring down a passenger airline rather than a jet fighter or an Antonov from Ukraine,' he said. ' All 298 people on board flight MH17 were killed when it was struck by a missile on July 17, 2014, and crashed into fields in eastern Ukraine.

Two-thirds of the passengers on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur were Dutch.

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It is also easier to trade drugs.” He also claimed the scheme was being introduced without a proper assessment of its impact and amid suspicion that it would lead to a cut in the number of prison staff.

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