Sex chat without logging in

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Sex chat without logging in

The site isn't a one-way system where the men chase the women.

The fact that there are far more incoming male customers than females on the site means that the women have to adopt sales skills to generate their own demand.

The lack of physical interaction, coupled with a cash transaction, would seem to perpetuate the most shallow, short-lived exchanges possible.

But in many instances it has led to months or years-long relationships that seem to have a degree of genuine emotional investment.

"There are a lot of components to marketing yourself on here.

I send out messages to people, post contests, [and] post blogs," says Lauraleigh.

Some guys want to feel important to these girls ...

Despite the site's ban on in-person meeting, she said it's pretty easy to get friendly with people: "I like to talk and I ramble a lot. A lot of girls will chat a guy and just push content.People can go there and interact with real people, not porn starlets acting, but real girls being themselves." By and large the site is full of down-to-earth women.They're not models or "performers." They're the girls next door — literally, as most work from their own homes."I have two guys that tell me they love me throughout the day.These are the people I can always count on and can talk to about anything," said "Lauraleigh," the assumed name of a full-time "Internet girlfriend," who works on a site called My Girl Fund. One might say [it's dishonest] to go along with it.

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The prospect of a man sending money to a woman he's never met in person is a bit puzzling.

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