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Meine Illu ist laut Gregor eine Dekonstruktion im „Stil der früh-sowjetischen Avantgarde“.Ich würde eher sagen, es ist ein relativ schnell zusammengeklickter Pimmel auf Millimeterpapier, aber stilsichere Dekonstruktion nehm' ich auch gerne.Mariana Givens, the animator’s daughter, said he had passed away on December 14 in Burbank, California, from acute respiratory failure […] Mr Givens began working for Walt Disney Studios straight from high school and later joined what would become Warner Bros.As such, he was an animator during the industry’s golden era. Other characters he illustrated over his six-decade career included Tom & Jerry, Daffy Duck, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Popeye. Chaos Communications Congress ist Wau Hollands Phasenprüfer und 34c3-Designer Gregor Sedlag bat ein paar Zeichner und Illustratoren um einen Remix des Phasenprüfers, unter anderem mich.

Those tweets indicate that Swautistic is a serial swatter — meaning he has claimed responsibility for a number of other recent false reports to the police.

Based on neuroscientific research showing that rhythmic external stimuli can entrain neuronal oscillations to alter perception, memory formation, and mood, HIVE MIND uses the performers’ live EEG and data processing to directly convey the performers’ brain states.

As one performer’s brainwaves become the stimuli that entrains the other performer’s brain patterns, a public brainwave-driven conversation unfolds between the performers.

[…] He said the thrill of it “comes from having to hide from police via net connections.” Asked about the FCC incident, @Gored Tutor36 acknowledged it was his bomb threat. “But I began making $ doing some swat requests.” Animator und Designer Bob Givens ist im Alter von 99 Jahren gestorben.

Der Mann hatte bei Warner Cartoons mit Chuck Jones zusammengearbeitet und 1940 den wahrscheinlich berühmtesten Hasen der Welt erfunden: Bugs Bunny.

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