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Musical instruments molded one year in Galena Park Middle School, according to Galena Park ISD records.In Houston ISD, at least 15 maintenance work orders were requested for mold-related issues in schools before the 2016-17 school year began, including in Eliot Elementary, Welch Middle School, Northline Elementary, Bellaire High School, Dowling Middle School and Clifton Middle School.The increased humidity triggered the rapid spread of the Penicillium spores, a common indoor mold, district officials said.The decision to leave the building without air conditioning is one that went against common practice in construction management.The mold was especially bad in Northline Elementary and Clifton Middle, where employees identified several areas that required attention, according to the logs.Still, none have compared to the titanic mold problem facing Willowridge.Rachel wrote for and managed Priscilla Shirer's blog, Going for two years, and contributes to other blogs on the topics of parenting, organization, faith, and creativity.She is an engaging speaker who loves to share funny, often poignant stories that touch the heart and reveal God's love in unexpected ways.

That same month, Shadow Forest Elementary employees reported moldy cafeteria tables, walls, doors, physical education tumbling mats, and cabinets to Humble ISD officials.

When the project manager discovered the growth in the band hall offices the first week of July, the school's principal, Thomas Graham, took "immediate action," according to a letter to parents, but the mold had already claimed nearly all of the furniture, school supplies, band equipment, teachers' personal items and even the flooring.

The infestation is a major setback for a struggling school in a district that recently reported a million budget shortfall.

Along the way, they raised three children, journeyed through loss, failures, and successes, and adopted astray donkey who showed up on their doorstep and never left.

Rachel began blogging as a means of sharing daily encouragement with other women.

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"This is a tragedy that has happened, especially at this time of year," said Krystal Allen, president of the Willowridge Parent Teacher Organization.