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It's been just a few months since Lockheed Martin gave the US Army the most powerful laser weapon ever developed, a ground vehicle-mounted system that can burn through tanks and knock mortars out of the sky.

Now the US Air Force wants its own toy, so Lockheed's engineers are back in the lab, crafting the kind of weapon Poe Dameron could get down with.

This spring defense contractor Raytheon became the first to destroy a target with a laser fired from a helicopter.

And it has to work on the move, no matter the turbulence or weather conditions.

Better yet, they can provide insurance against the quantum radar systems reportedly being developed by the Chinese, which can spot even the stealthiest aircraft.

Being invisible isn't so crucial when you've got a laser that lets you waltz into enemy territory, do your job while zapping missiles out of the sky, and cruise home.

Together, they would work to heat up an incoming missile's fuel tank, causing it to explode, or target control surfaces like fins in order to simply disable it.

Despite recent advances, making a laser weapon work on the highest-speed military vehicle poses a significant challenge.

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The Shield Turret Research in Aero Effects (Strafe) includes the beam control system.