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Tottaly  dating site

The pull-up bar is also high enough that his feet would not touch the ground in either situation.ANSWER: Scaling of biological organisms has been a topic of interest for a long time.Then the buoyant force the water is exerting up is 911-50=861 N.Archimedes' principle says that this is the weight of the displaced water, and let's say salt water has a density of 1030 kg/m ANSWER: There simply is the strong interaction which is responsible for holding nuclei together.ANSWER: You do not weigh 93 kg, your mass is 93 kg and your weight is 93x9.8=911 N.Suppose that you just float with your head above water in salt water.

At room temperature all those oscillators are in higher states than the ground state and the energy to put them there came from the environment, that is the solid was heated up to the temperature of its environment.

Here is why: The weight of something is proportional to the cube of its dimensions.

So, if you doubled all the dimensions of a man, his weight would increase eightfold.

I'm just confused because according to newton's third law of motion, " any action has an opposite but equal reaction", hence forces in nature are balanced, and balanced forces means bodies are at rest, so how come in reality, we can observe motion? If there are two objects, A and B, and A exerts a force on B, Newton's third law says that B exerts a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction on A.

So, you see, the two forces are not on the same object and are therefore not "balanced".

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But, the total energy is the sum of the kinetic and potential energies, ΔK ΔU=0.

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