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With the news of a possible upcoming jailbreak for i OS 10.1.1, the race is on for those who have already upgraded past it to downgrade before Apple closes the signing window on them and leaves them high and dry.This guide will walk you through how to return to i OS 10.1.1 from i OS 10.2 (or any other version you may be on, like i OS 9.3.3 or i OS 10.1) so that you will be safe and sound when the window closes, and can wait and see if this jailbreak hype comes true.Make sure the dialogue box specifies i OS 10.1.1 and not i OS 10.2. It will reboot a couple of times throughout the process, and will then re-appear in i Tunes at the set-up screen.13) If you are coming from a lower firmware, you can now restore your backup to your device, though as I mentioned, I prefer to set up as new.Remember, if you do want to take advantage of this opportunity, do it sooner rather than later, because once Apple stops signing i OS 10.1.1 you will be out of luck.Try to make an informed decision as to whether you want to change.(That is, hold down the “alt” key on your keyboard, and then click the “Restore button”.

1) Head to the i DB Downloads section to download your IPSW. In this case, it is of course i OS 10.1.1 that we want to download. Make sure to do this section right at the beginning, as downloading the IPSW may take a while and time is of the essence.

8) i Tunes should now report that it has Please note that steps 6-8 are the process for entering DFU mode.

It may take a few tries to get this right, and proceeding past this point will completely wipe your device.

This is advisable for the cleanest start on your new firmware, and especially for those who are coming from a previous jailbreak.

You will not be able to restore a backup made from a higher firmware like i OS 10.2 onto your device when it reverts to i OS 10.1.1.

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