Validating problem

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Validating problem

The error does not occur every time I build, but it seems random on different deployment projects each time.

Does anyone have any advice on why exactly this error occurs and how to go about fixing it?

I have just been re-triggering the build when it fails, but was hoping for a more elegant solution. Update for those who got this issue for VS2013 or VS2015 after upgrading a VS200X setup project using the Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects extension.

Following the recipe for v1.0.0.0 from MS finally made it work for me: Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects Unfortunately we couldn't address all cases of the command line issue for this release as we're still investigating the appropriate way to address them.

Just rebuildng would have make the problem disapear as well.

I would like to know if it remains 'fixed' after 100 builds.

the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects extension now includes a command line helper tool for making the registry setting much easier to apply Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects Example path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio17\Professional\Common7\IDE\Common Extensions\Microsoft\VSI\Disable Out Of Proc Build From the README This simple tool is meant to help users set the registry key needed to get around this error that can appear when building installer projects using command line builds: ERROR: An error occurred while validating.We've worked around this issue by triggering the MSI build a second time when it fails a first time.Not nice, but it works most of the time (error rate is down from ~ 10% to ~ 1%). I had been scouring the internet to find why exactly it was happening, and ran across numerous Microsoft replies that were vague and unhelpful, to say the least.HRESULT = '8000000A' The tool is meant for Visual Studio 2017 and sets this reg key for a particular installed Visual Studio instance for the current user.So if you're setting this on a build agent make sure to use the user account that the build will use. The hotfix is now uploaded on here: Studio/Downloads/Download Details.aspx?

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To belabor the obvious: IP addresses are 32 bit values written as four numbers (the individual bytes of the IP address) separated by dots (periods).

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