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The then-interior minister, Vakhtang Gomelauri, a former bodyguard of Ivanishvili, transferred to head the agency.Before this month's sex tape scandal, several prominent figures had already complained about being threatened with the release of compromising videos.So my question was: 'Do you still have cameras there? '" Mikhail Saaskashvili, who led Georgia after the so-called Rose Revolution of 2003, is well known for having eliminated petty corruption in Georgia's police force, a first for a post-Soviet country.But he also strengthened the secret services, who under his leadership carried out systematic and comprehensive secret surveillance of politicians and other well-known figures.Soon it was followed by another video the following Monday of an apparently unidentified personality (though many Georgians have their suspicions), engaged in a sexual activity.This one was accompanied by a threat: "There are many more of these videos of politicians and the elite who sold out their homeland.Gigauri believes that the sex videos may be a dangerous attempt to channel the election campaign towards a discourse on morality.

Locals who lived the bulk of their lives under Soviet rule spread blankets on the ground and lay out goods they’ve saved from the scrap heap.We call on you to leave your current positions, otherwise everyone will know about your sexual immoralities, orientations and drug-addictions." Serving ministers, a party leader, and a well known journalist were named and warned: "You have until March 31 to leave politics or we will upload new films in order to clear you out of the political arena." Most media outlets in Georgia chose not to name those featured in the videos, but the implicated journalist, a political talkshow host, tried to level with the blackmailers live on daytime TV: "I am Inga Grigolia - woman, daughter, mother and friend.I have a wonderful boyfriend and I have sex," she said."I promise you who are threatening me with making public my private life and demanding me to leave the country, that I will sacrifice myself to defend my rights and the rights of others and I will do everything to send those who have filmed and released these videos to jail for many years." Eka Gigauri, head of the civil rights and policy advocacy group, Transparency International Georgia, says the blackmailing scandal had been anticipated."Everybody expected it would happen - that these types of videos would be released before the elections and would be about the private lives of active individuals, political party members, especially from the opposition," Gigauri said.

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"I don't think it is in the interest of the government, but it is the responsibility of the government.