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Support for political Zionism in this period, although growing in influence, remained a distinctly minority opinion.The founding of Israel in 1948 made the Middle East a center of attention; the immediate recognition of Israel by the American government was an indication of both its intrinsic support and the influence of political Zionism.There, Jews became increasingly assimilated as rising intermarriage rates combined with a trend towards secularization.At the same time, new centers of Jewish communities formed, as Jewish school enrollment more than doubled between the end of World War II and the mid-1950s, while synagogue affiliation jumped from 20% in 1930 to 60% in 1960. Truman received over 90% of the Jewish American vote in the elections of 1940, 19.Precise population figures vary depending on whether Jews are accounted for based on halakhic considerations, or secular, political and ancestral identification factors.There were about 4 million adherents of Judaism in the U. as of 2001, approximately 1.4% of the US population.[10] The community self-identifying as Jewish by birth, irrespective of halakhic (unbroken maternal line of Jewish descent or formal Jewish conversion) status, numbers about 7 million, or 2.5% of the US population.

From our Jewish historic experience of three and a half thousand years we say: Our ancient history began with slavery and the yearning for freedom.

Most settled in New York City and its immediate environs (New Jersey, etc.), establishing what became one of the world's major concentrations of Jewish population.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, these newly-arrived Jews built support networks consisting of many small synagogues and Ashkenazi Jewish Landsmannschaften (German for "Territorial Associations") for Jews from the same town or village.

The Jewish community in the United States is composed predominantly of Ashkenazi Jews who emigrated from Central and Eastern Europe, and their US-born descendants.

There are, however, small numbers of both older and more recently arrived Sephardic Jews (Spanish and Portuguese Jews and those descended from them following the 15th century expulsion), as well as smaller numbers of Mizrahi Jews (Jewish communities with extended histories in the Middle East, North Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia), Ethiopian Jews, Indian Jews and others from various smaller Jewish ethnic divisions.

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This attention initially was based on a natural and religious affinity toward and support for Israel and world Jewry.