Cam chat row

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Cam chat row

Eoin Mc Gonigal moved to Number 3 Sorrento Terrace in Dalkey from Monkstown after he acted for the marathon Beef Tribunal, earning a record £1m as the inquiry's senior counsel.He was soon followed to the compact terrace of eight private dwellings by his Law Library colleague, Frank Clarke, when he paid £470,000 for Number 5 in October, 1993.In 1979, for instance, a house on the terrace sold for £200,000.Until the extraordinary sale of No 1 Sorrento House this week, the residents only boasted a single international `name' among them, that of Neil Jordan in Number 6, whose reputation as a serious author and cineaste puts him firmly in the category of literati rather than glitterati.

Yet it has always been a highly-desirable address with the capacity to command above-market prices.

Sorrento Terrace, however, has managed to remain aloof from the Paddywoodery of its surroundings.

Located on the easternmost end of Dalkey's heritage village, the row of eight four-storey houses with wraparound sea views has traditionally been an oasis of professional class anonymity.

In less than five years, the house three doors down from the Clarkes, Number 8, had fetched more than 12 times the price they had paid.

While the buyer is remaining incognito, such names as Jack Nicholson, Michael Flatley, Ryanair's Michael O'Leary, Paul Mc Guinness and Glen Dimplex's Lochlainn Quinn are being bandied about as those most likely to have the wherewithal and the interest.

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Instead, they braced themselves for the inevitable day-trippers who, in the following days, boldly pressed their noses against the houses' back windows for an inside gander of the country's dearest address.

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