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Throwing my words out there, public and exposed, it just seemed like the right thing to do, like accountability..something.To the 2, 3, or 4 of you who might actually stumble here by accident, please excuse the simple and boring look to the site, I really have no idea what I am doing yet. Certainly not the two thirds of us Americans who are more than they should stop my self-indulgent flagellation enough to introduce myself a bit.I pressed the window key and the letter E on my keyboard and at the top right corner of the screen I clicked search computer, size and then gigantic and saw for some reason or another all the downloaded files were on my "C" drive.I didn't download the map to my computer therefore I deleted all the Garmin Core 2017.10 related items and regained my lost disk space.Others here have also mentioned Garmin Express acting funny at 50% while others have also noticed in the past updates the files being left behind on the "C" drive.

Who would choose daily public humiliation as a walking, breathing example of weakness in our society?

Anyway..I am world, a bloated tick of a human, consuming more of your resources than I have a right to, hating myself for doing it, hating myself because I can’t seem to stop doing it, hating myself because I hate myself so much.

I used Map Updater on both my 255WT using Alandb cloning method and all went extremely well without a hitch.

I saved approximately 7 GB space on my SSD after having cleaned up Garmins files left behind.

I can see reasons to keep the files but also see good reasons to be able to easily delete them.

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