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The video of the superintendent's "promise" to Canadians has been viewed over 9000 times.Contrast this with Parks Canada's website ( which has only received a handful of ideas with the large majority of these posted ideas saying the same thing: MOVE THE VRC OUT OF THE TOWNSITE!If they had listened to feedback last year, they could avoid the entire increased congestion problem by relocating the visitor centre outside of the townsite. The superintendent publicly promised at the June 2016 community meeting he would not touch the playground that was fundraised and put together by the community.The last thing Waterton needs is another "out of town expert" trying to fix a problem that Parks Canada knowingly created themselves. Let the superintendent know that the existing playground, spray park, tennis courts and basketball courts should not be demolished.That seems to be backwards thinking, since what if a traffic study showed them the site was not viable, after they have already awarded design bids for Block 39.He repeatedly said that he knew what would best serve visitors, although we must question his previous experience since the other place he was most recently Superintendent was in the Arctic.The spray park, playground and basketball courts were a community fundraised initiative not Parks Canada.-There are no building regulations for the proposed site because it is a Recreational Reserve so the superintendent will follow Institutional land guidelines instead.

This legal initiative is still working its way through Canada's federal court system.Why are they now proposing to remove the playground and spray park?(and the Option 3 proposal contains by far the most detail...could it be the decision has already been made? Based on the massive outcry in the past 24 hours, the Canadian public is not buying it.The description of the design states, "The success of this particular concept is dependent on the relocation of the playground."This following video from the "Public Consultation" on June 18, 2016 demonstrates that Parks Canada is accountable to no one.Superintendent Ifan Thomas CLEARLY stated multiple times that Parks Canada would not touch the playground and spray park.

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It has been incredible to see how strongly the Canadian public still feels about the Visitor Centre issue.