No charges ever sex encounters

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either because the sex isn't great or because of something else that’s not working within your relationship? Are you ever frustrated by your woman’s INCONSISTENT sex drive…some days she wants it and others she’s really not interested? Have you ever been excited to try something NEW in the bedroom, only to end up disappointed because your woman wasn't interested in doing whatever you wanted to do?If you want to learn EXACTLY how to give your woman orgasms that will BLOW HER MIND… If you want to make a new girlfriend fall wildly in love with you… If you want to take a relationship that’s years old and “re-light the magic”that may have disappeared (or perhaps was never there in the first place)… If you’re currently single and want to make sure that the next time you hook up with a woman - you give her INCREDIBLE SEX and can start a great relationship… Better In Bed will be a turning point in your sex life and will most likely be the best thing you've ever read on the subject…It’s honest, hard-core and not what you read in the mainstream junk.If you want real results (read: quickly and easily being able to give your woman earth-shattering orgasms)… I created Better In Bed for all the men who are sick of wondering how to truly SATISFY their woman in the bedroom……For all the men who have spent a lot of time and money reading and listening to sex advice that doesn't work……And for all the men who want to go that extra mile to put a smile on their woman’s face by giving her incredible sexual pleasure.And here’s why I can say that to you with total confidence…I’d like to take a second to introduce myself to you.My name is Adam Armstrong and I am a pretty normal guy.In fact, every woman I've dated in the past 5 years has told me that I'm ‘the best they ever had’… Simple…It’s because I gave them experiences that no other man has…

perhaps she told you that another man she had been with before you was better able to satisfy her? Do you ever wonder if it’s the SIZE of your ‘tool’ that’s preventing you from being an outstanding lover? Have you ever wondered if your woman is ‘faking it’…PRETENDING that she has had an orgasm just to make you happy? Have you ever been in a relationship where the sex happened often and was enjoyable in the early days, but then it got boring and happened less often as the relationship progressed…maybe it even got to the point where you and your woman only had sex when YOU asked for it, or she only had sex with you when you did something else for her first? Have you used sex advice from magazines, books or television, only to find out that the advice DIDN'T work when you used it? Have you ever worried that a woman - be it your girlfriend, fiancée or wife - is going to CHEAT ON YOU…I’ll help you out…To give women MIND-BLOWING sex – the kind that’ll bring tears to her eyes – you have to give her VAGINAL ORGASMS. Clitoris this, Clitoris that and so on…However, what I'm here to do is show you another way…I'm here to tell you that when you get the VAGINAL orgasms working for your woman – using the simple techniques I'm going to teach you – you’ll find it remarkably easy to give her And as if that’s not enough…When you get the vaginal orgasms working for your woman, you’ll also find it easy to give her more advanced types of orgasm such as squirting, anal, nipple and of course – orgasms without any touching whatsoever. So the #1 secret to giving your woman mind-blowing sex and getting her to give you whatever you want in bed is to get the VAGINAL ORGASMS working. Oh and by the way – less than 30% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm, but EVERY woman has the potential to experience them – they just need the right man to show them how.Yeah, I know…When you read mainstream sex advice – written by men or women – it nearly always focuses on the CLITORIS. I'm going to teach you how to become that MAN when you read my e Book Better In Bed.

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The answer in many cases must have been that they hadn't. I devoured this information and over a period of several years worked out whatreally works with women.