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South Floridians are bracing for Hurricane Irma’s potentially catastrophic damage.Weather advisories are warning of massive flooding, which will likely render roads impassable and homes uninhabitable.

One of the most curious (and often amusing) feline quirks is the tendency to bolt out of the litter box with lightening speed and run around for its life.The county made notable improvements last year, reducing the volume of spilled sewage by 55%, or roughly 1.5 million gallons, according to its 2016 annual report to federal regulators.But a single spill this year, amounted to half of that.During that storm, the surging ocean dumped nine feet of water on the pumping system engines of the Bay Park treatment plant, in Nassau County, NY.The resulting raw sewage backlog made its way into channels, streets, and people’s houses homes, according to Arcadis, the international engineering firm that helped repair the plant.

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The water coming in from below is also drenching the soil, reducing its ability to collect water coming from above.