Toyman dating

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Toyman dating

In the story, Lucy, since the moment she was born, has felt overshadowed by her big sister Lois.

Feeling that by maybe being closer to Lois her father would pay more attention to her, Lucy moved to the same city but this came at the same time Lois and her father grew apart over Superman. Being a great soldier and a woman, Lucy rose quickly in the ranks.Lucy befriended and later became roommates with Olivia after they met while white water rafting. Olivia became ill and Doctor Obeshian gave her drugs to take, the drugs having secretly been taken from an alien fungus which would mutate the user into a shapeshifting creature.Lucy and Olivia both took the pills resulting in the former turning into a wolf like creature and the latter into a giant insect-like creature.Although Superwoman originally had no inherent powers, her powersuit altered her DNA via a containment field to resemble that of a Kryptonian and as such would potentially make her capable of all the same feats they possess under the yellow sun.The abilities she has used thus far are; vast superhuman strength, speed and durability, invulnerability, flight (normal and interstellar), freeze breath and heat vision.

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Lucy first appeared as Superwoman in Supergirl #35, her costume a nod to that of the Bronze Age Superwoman Kristin Wells and containing a containment field that simulated Kryptonian powers.

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