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I have a one question here, how can i put some pins on client click. I have stored the coordinates in the DB and to jump to an URL. I make my error,but i have one question about the service. Great google map control but there is a runtime error if i use this control with the browsers(IE, FF). But i've got a question, i try to get the ID of a point when i click on it to show it in a label... Is there a way to get back and handle the informations from the bubble????

Regards, Geert Veenstra Is there a way to put a hyperlink inside the Info HTML html text that contains javascript to fire a server-side event? When clicked, it should fire a server-side event with that marker's information sent to the code-behind, so the server can change the marker icon and redraw the map.

A previous post mentioned having to change the "Get Local Path" function.

However, it didn't work so I changed it to the following which fixed it.

When clicked, it fires a server-side event and passes the marker's id. The only work around I have found is to do a post-back --Response. That's the reason I didn't include it in my samples as well.

Chris Ok I answered part of my own question :) I added a 'Select' tag inside the Info HTML. Number Decimal Separator = "."; // New if (Is Numeric(p Num Value)) else I hope you will use this in next release, or make your own type of code ;)I think most of the people know how to read an sql table and load values in variable. I didn't want to make my sample to tightly bind with SQL Database.

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