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Despite his dissipation, Henao remained faithful to her relationship and never left him. Her husband, Escobar died on December 2, 1993, in a shootout by Search Bloc after 16 months of his escape from La Catedral.

Her husband’s money was seized by Colombian authorities and left the family broken.

The country was doing well financially and going through a boom in the 1920s, so most teenagers could easily find jobs.

Many chose not to finish school, because they did not need a high school education to find a job paying livable wages.

Henao married Escobar, a Columbian drug lord, and narco-terrorist in March 1976. They fell in love and had an affair for some years.

Despite, her family disproved the relationship, as Escobar was socially inferior to them.

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Teenagers in the 1920s had a lot in common with today's teens.

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